Local Industries

The primary sectors of the economy only contribute about 2% to total employment within Dipaleseng, with agriculture contributing a little bit more than mining while the manufacturing sector contributes to a larger portion of the total employment rate. It is also notable that there is an imbalance of skilled and semi/unskilled persons employed in the formal economy within Dipaleseng, with only a relatively small percentage classified as highly skilled.

Though major intervention to ensure that the agricultural and manufacturing sectors are regenerated to absorb more labour and stimulate more economic activity within the municipal borders may be required, there are a few businesses that actively make a difference by contributing the overall economy of the municipality at a larger scale.

Some of the large industry players in the area include;


Local Tourism

The local Hotel in Val, Greylingstad and lodges such as Saffari , Ourport, Warembo, Henter guest house, Lekoa lodge and Olive grove country lodge to name a few offer comfortable accommodation in cozy and private environments, beautiful scenery and spacious entertaining areas for formal and informal functions, weddings, conferences and other celebratory and non-celebratory events of life.

Snuggly nestled away in tall green forestry along the R51 in Balfour is Welgelegen Manor, a five star hotel that offers exquisite treatment from the luxurious rooms to scrumptious meals. A real first class hotel fit for a king or queen.

The area also has the following must-see tourist attraction sites on offer;


Dipaleseng Local Municipality